Marta 0.3 is out!

Beep beep, the new version of Marta is here! :sparkles: The features this release brings open new horizons as Marta gradually becomes the fully functional file manager.

ZIP file support

Yes, ZIP files are now natively supported. It means that you can work with ZIP (or JAR) archives just as with directories and use almost all Marta actions including Copy, Open with and others. Of course, nested archives are also supported, and breadcrumbs will help you to figure out how deep you are.

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Marta 0.2.1 Released!

Marta 0.2.1 is out! :sparkles:

This is a maintenance release with only a few number of the new features. Much more coming soon!

This version brings the “Go to path” completion, non-sheet dialog windows, a context menu for breadcrumbs, and a number of bugfixes. As always, you can read the full list of changes in the changelog.

Path completion

“Go to path” completion was one of the mostly requested features. In Marta 0.2.1 you can press Tab to activate the completion:

The completion menu will be displayed in case if more than one variant is available. If there’s nothing to choose from, the path will be completed automatically.

By default, Marta uses the native macOS sheet dialogs. I don’t really like sheets because of the animation: it’s pretty slow and it can’t be configured or turned off (well, you can change the animation duration globally using the Terminal but nobody really does it).

So I provided a way to use the ordinary dialogs. Just change the behavior/sheetDialogs configuration value to false, and that’s it.

Context menu for breadcrumbs

Now you can copy the absolute path of any breadcrumb segment by right-clicking on a target segment and selecting “Copy path”:

Stay tuned and have a happy Marta! :sunny:

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Marta 0.2 Released!

Today I’m happy to release the Marta 0.2! This release brings the tabs support, Terminal integration and a number of API enhancements.

Tabs Support

Tabs really matter. It was one of the most awaited features of Finder. Of course, you could open multiple windows before, but switching between windows is not so convenient as tab switching. So it was one of the critical features for Marta from the very beginning, and now it’s here!

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Marta 0.1.3 Released!

I’m happy to announce the release of Marta 0.1.3!
It brings the multi-column mode and the initial Vim mode support, as well as a number of bugfixes.

You can read about all changes in 0.1.3 in the changelog. The download link is here.

Multi-column display mode

I tried almost all popular file managers for macOS before I decided to create Marta. One of the main issues I had with them was about the UI responsiveness. A file manager is a simple thing in essence: it just displays the file list. What can be easier?

Keeping in mind that almost all existing file managers for macOS (including Finder) use the default system UI components for displaying tables and lists, and none of them is fast enough, I came to the conclusion that the problem is in the component slowness. So I decided to make the custom lightweight list view that is optimized for the file manager tasks. Actually, it was how Marta was born. And this is the key why it’s so fast.

One of the core features of the custom list is a display mode support. So the same list component can become a table or even a thumbnail grid. Before today, Marta had only the table display mode. 0.1.3 release brings the multi-column mode.

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Marta 0.1.2 Released!

Marta 0.1.1 was released around a week ago, and now it’s the time for another update!

One of the features requested by Marta users was the Touch Bar support. As MacBook Pro 2016 doesn’t have proper functional keys, you had to enable the Function Keys option in Preferences or press Fn each time you wanted to copy or rename some file (in order to press F5 or ⇧F6).

Now that’s not needed anymore! :sunglasses:

Of course, you can configure which buttons to show. Moreover, you can change the button background color, customize its title or even choose what to display: an icon, only text or both.

Almost all bundled actions got the Touch Bar icon. If you’re a plugin author, you can assign icons to your own actions (see Action).

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