Introducing Marco

Hello everyone! I’m happy to announce the next version of Marta, 0.6.1.
It brings a lot of exciting features – and also the new configuration format.

Why Marco?

Marta used JSON as a preferences file format since the very first version. It wasn’t a random choice. There were a few reasons behind that:

  • Everyone uses JSON. Almost every developer knows it.
  • Easy to implement. There’re dozens of existing serialization frameworks and text editors that support JSON.
  • JSON is kind of a lingua franca. Lots of applications use JSON for the configuration files.

However, all these arguments are in fact questionable.


Marta 0.6 is out!

Hello, everyone!

Some time passed since the last release of Marta. And today I’m excited to announce the next version of the neatest macOS file manager! It’s not my words; it’s just the extremely encouraging feedback I continuously get from you, users. Thank you! ❤️

The reason why this release took more time than previous ones is that the whole application architecture was reworked. And this wasn’t a waste of time. All parts of Marta became more robust and testable. Problems with implementing some of the new nice features are gone. The build is now much faster. Doesn’t all of this sound great?

Also, apart from working on the application architecture, I started to polish the overall user experience. macOS users got used to using the carefully designed macOS applications, and I don’t think I have the right to lower the quality bar. So I tuned plenty of things, including fonts, colors, and paddings. You may not notice all the changes on first sight, but these small improvements is a key difference between the high-quality and the average software.


Marta goes beta!

Hi there! I’m Yan, a developer of Marta. It’s a nice file manager for macOS, try it out! :)

Over a year ago, I posted the first blog post here and released Marta 0.1. I’m really glad lots of you liked Marta, and the feedback you provided over the year was highly valuable. Of course, it wasn’t a one-way communication: a lot of features added since the initial release was actually proposed by users. Now Marta has a small but very warm community, and I want to say: “Thank you!” to every user. :heart:

I also want to thank Radio-T, a Russian tech podcast, for putting in a word about Marta in one of its releases. I was happy to hear kind words about the app I put so much effort into, not mentioning the fact that the user base increased significantly :smile:. Don’t hesitate to thank software developers for their products. It’s really heartwarming!

But this is not just a “Thank you” blog post. I have some good news.
With the release of 0.5, Marta goes beta! :balloon:


etty - an embedded terminal for Marta

If you ask what I need from a file manager application, there will be a number of requirements:

  • The app should be fast and robust. No excuses.
  • Its UI should be good enough. I’m not a designer but every time I see unequal paddings, my eyes bleed. Ah, a nice-looking dark theme is a must have for me as I often work at night.
  • There should not be any magic under the hood. Come on, it’s just a tool, do what I say.
  • It should be extensible. Any user should be able to create an extension and distribute it freely.
  • And it should be built for the power users in mind.

I didn’t find any file manager for macOS that satisfied all the criteria above so I started to make Marta. You can read more in the initial blog post. A year passed since then and there’s still so much to be done, but I use Marta every day at my work on Kotlin and I’m happy with it. I feel it’s just what I always wanted to use, and the feedback I get let me know I’m not alone with this feeling. So thank you for your support!


Marta 0.4.3 is out!

Hello! After a short delay, I am happy to announce the release of Marta 0.4.3.

New theme

The most noticeable thing is that Marta 0.4.3 comes with the new default theme called Kon. A single picture is worth a thousand words.

You may also notice that the main window now uses the unified title bar. Some users requested this feature, and Marta definitely looks better this way. Well, even if you don’t think so, you can always switch to the old title bar in preferences :wink:. And yes, the previous default theme, Dark, is still available.